About Us

A&A Music is one of the first original, one-stop music stores in Ashburn and Brambleton area. Open since 2005, with two locations, A&A Music proudly serves the Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling, South Riding and adjacent communities. Our managers are Roger Harshfield and Andy Nguyen.

At A&A Music, we believe that music and music education should be accessible for everyone and that quality instruments and service should compliment a quality music education. We also believe in the importance of affordability and value at all levels of the musical experience. As musicians, we know that students who develop a passion for music will reach a higher level of playing than students who feel forced or disinterested. This being said, at A&A Music, we hope to help you and your family to discover your love of music, while teaching the technical skills needed to do well, all at an affordable price.

Our Philosophy, "A&A Music, where your love for music is discovered!". Our mission is to bring the joy of learning and playing music to all people, without age limitation. Anyone from 4 year old to 90 year of ages can take lesson at our school. We accept students of every age as long as they have the desire to learn. Our students at A&A music are offered the best quality instruction, learning and performing any musical instrument such as piano/keyboard, violin, cello, guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, drum, and the most beautiful musical instrument—the human voice, enriched by the study music theory. All our teacher offer a standard educational approach to the theory as well as ear training and actual performance/practice techniques. We encourage all our students to make music a part of their lives. We truly believe that the joy of learning music should be available for every one.

Brand Name Instruments - Sales

Our goal is to give our customers the best value for their budget. Each year our retail department sends one of our employees to attend a trade show to find the best, most up to date manufacturers and instruments, in terms of quality and affordability. We believe in selling instruments that are high quality while staying within reach of people just discovering their love of music. However, we also carry a selection for serious artists.

To best serve our community, our two locations carry slightly different selections of instruments. Our Brambleton location has a wider selection of electric instruments while our Ashbrook location has a wider selection of acoustic instruments. Both locations carry high quality musical instruments for students and professional musicians from Fender, Selmer, King, Bach, Holton, Amstrong, Glaesel, Scherl & Roth, Leblanc, Vito, Ludwig, Conn, Selmer Paris, Eastman, Hamer, Yamaha, Casio, Suzuki, Korg, Takamine, Gretsch, Buffet Crampon, Ovation, Marshall, Vox, and many more.

The following are some of our fine instruments:

  • Guitars by Fender, Squire, Takamine, Ovation, and Hamer
  • Yamaha Digital Pianos and Digital Keyboards
  • Casio Digital Pianos
  • Conn-Selmer brass instruments (cornets, trumpets, French horns, trombones, baritones and tubas)
  • Conn-Selmer woodwind instruments (piccolos, flutes, oboes, English horns, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones)
  • Conn-Selmer string instruments (violins, violas, cellos and basses)
  • Conn-Selmer percussion instruments (snare drums, bass drums, xylophones, marimbas, timpani and cymbals)
  • Buffet-Crampon woodwind instruments (clarinet, trumpets, French horns, trombones, baritones and tubas)

If you find that we do not have the instrument you are looking for, we can place a special order for you.

Sheet Music

We carry a large selection of sheet music ranging from lesson and teach-yourself books to pop music to jazz and blues, and of course the classical canon. We also carry the music books required by local public and private schools. Our publishers include Alfred, Bastien, Hal Leonard, Faber & Faber, and John Thompson, to name a few. We carry a comprehensive selection of scores, music books, sheet music, learning CDs and DVDs, and quality music accessories and gifts.

Music Accessories

We carry a wide variety of music accessories including:

  • Metronomes and tuners
  • Music stands
  • Strings
  • Woodwind reeds
  • Drumsticks, brushes, stands, mallets, cases
  • Manuscript papers and folders

Instrument Rental

We know that choosing the right instrument is important so we believe in letting the customer try the instruments before making a selection. We have a large selection of new and used instruments available for rent including:

  • violins
  • violas
  • cellos
  • basses
  • flutes
  • clarinets
  • oboes
  • trombones
  • trumpets
  • French horns
  • guitars
  • keyboards
  • digital pianos
  • and electric guitars

Along with our competitive prices and excellent service, we offer the option to "rent-to-buy" with all of our instrument rentals.

As a local music store, our goal is to carry the best quality instruments for all levels of learners.

Instrument Repair

We offer repairs for most instruments at both A&A Music locations. However, if there is major damage to the instrument or if the repair is outside the realm of our instrument repair experts' knowledge, we will send the instrument to a trusted team of Luthiers and repair experts. In a situation where we would need to send your instrument out for repair, or if our on-site repair would take longer than a few days, we would give you a loaner instrument so that you or your child would still be able to practice and go to lessons.